Successful Project Outcome

The following article “Steps for a Successful Project Outcome” by Ike Dadabhoy, President of Your Dream Remodeling was printed in the August 14, 2022 edition of the Houston Chronicle.

We all want to have a successful remodeling project outcome. In order for any renovation to go smoothly and successfully, there are several things to consider.  Following are some steps to help ease the process and get the best possible results.


A design consultation is an important first step. Not all projects are the same; homeowners have different needs and desired outcomes. A design consultation may require multiple meetings where you, your design consultant and remodeler discuss your vision for your project. We suggest that you bring a list of questions, your “must haves” for your project and any measurements.  If you have any photos of your home or pictures of design finishes you desire, bring those to the meeting. This will help make the meeting more productive therefore everyone will have a clear idea of what is needed to get the project done.


A home inspection is the next step. This would include your remodeler, design consultant and any other team members visiting your home to review the scope of work (the work that needs to be done) and most importantly to measure everything.  Proper measurements ensure accurate design renderings and correct fit of cabinetry, appliances and countertops. After the initial site visit, a project estimate can be created.


This site visit includes re-measuring, getting the final scope of work and confirming final selections. This is the best time to make changes before construction actually begins. After the pre-construction visit, your materials and products can be ordered.


Find out what your contractor’s policy is on a start date for your project. Depending on which contractor you choose, you may have a firm start date, or in some instances your remodeler may want to set a start date when your materials arrive.  Your contractor may want to wait until materials have been received.  In the past, some products have been more difficult to get. If this is holding up your start date, check with your remodeler to see if there any alternative products available. Having all materials and necessary products available will keep the project running smoothly. This will prevent project interruptions due to backorders.


The key to a successful remodeling project is good communication.  Establishing a method of communicating prior to beginning the project puts everyone on the same page. Choose a method of communication that everyone has access to and is comfortable using.  There is usually a point person, such as a project manager who will address your questions or concerns.  The construction phase of remodeling can be very rewarding and exciting, but there can also be some frustration if there are delays or changes. Effective communication should help to reduce any stresses.


Manufacturers’ warranties come with materials, products and appliances that are purchased for your home renovation. Find out what your contractor offers in the way of a work warranty. This type of warranty will give you peace of mind in case anything requires attention or is damaged because of work done incorrectly.

Home remodeling has lots of variables that can affect the timing and complexity. Just like shows on TV, you don’t always know what problems lie behind the walls until the demo process. Having a well thought out plan, good communication and step-by-step plan and good communication with your remodeler will increase the chances of having a successful project outcome.