The following article “Great Home Design Starts With A Vision” by Ike Dadabhoy, President of Your Dream Remodeling was printed in the September 25, 2022 edition of the Houston Chronicle. Read it online

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to transform your house into your dream home. But what’s next?

Great home design starts with a vision.  

Whether you plan to remodel your current home, or if you plan to purchase a home that needs remodeling, it’s a good idea to clarify your vision and your future goals.  This will help you make design decisions that you won’t later regret.

For example, if you are planning to remodel a kitchen, consider function; what appliances, sinks and faucets will you have, how much space will you need to cook and entertain, and how much storage do you need.  Then, think about what you would like your remodeled kitchen to look like, the style, colors and finishes.

Determine what your preferences and non-negotiables are.

Preferences are the aspects you’d absolutely love to have within your dream home, but you can live without. Non negotiables are must haves and essential to your dream home vision.

Your design vision can be as simple as gathering photos together that have elements that you want in your project. This can be done online. Houzz, an online resource for home remodeling and design allows you to create an Ideabook where you can save images of projects and create a wish list of products, materials and finishes you would like to include in your project. Your remodeler can look at these images as you plan the design of your project together.

For more design and product information, you can visit a design showroom to see and feel product samples, discover the latest trends and learn about new products and technologies.

Communicating your vision to your remodeler is key so your design vision can be brought to life.

Your remodeler can help fine tune your vision while working within your timeframe and budget.  During the planning stages the vision has to be finalized into a firm design. Any minor changes can be addressed with change orders, however any major design changes during or at a later stage of the project can be detrimental. So, arriving at a clear vision during planning is very important.

Everyone has their own idea of what their dream home may look like. What may have started as a rough collection of your dreams has evolved into a clear-cut set of expectations and priorities. At the same time, you created a clear vision for your remodeler that will be of great assistance in the seamless execution of your project. A project that meets your lifestyle and reflects all that you hoped for in your new dream home.