As more individuals express a desire to age in place in their homes, universal design -the concept of making a home more accessible to all who live in it- has taken center stage. One way to make a home more accessible, comfortable, and safe is with the installation of  walk-in tubs.

Walk-in tubs makes bathing safer and easier. Getting in or out of a traditional shower or tub can be uncomfortable and unsafe, especially for older adults and people with disabilities.

Bathroom safety is just one of the beneficial features. Some of the top walk-in tub models have customizable jets to massage your neck, legs, feet and back. Standard features included are handrails, a textured seat and floor, anti-scald protection, quick-fill and quick-drain options and detachable spray spouts.

Walk-in tubs have lower entryways and are often deeper than traditional bathtubs, making it easier to clean your upper body. The low threshold for entry and the grab bars that allow a person to lower themselves carefully into the tub, a main example of safety first

Some of the benefits of walk-in tubs 

  • The water capacity is up to 80 gallons, it’s possible to get a full-body immersion soak.
  • Therapy options help you relax and ease muscle tension.
  • Grab bars are in easy reach, already attached to the walls of the bath or built into the body.
  • A specially designed seat, usually built into the body of the tub.
  • Faucets within easy reach to be used even by those with mobility problems or arthritis.
  • A leak-proof door in the side or front that swings inward or outward, permitting the tub to have an exceptionally low threshold (in the 3″-4″ range) for easy access.

A walk-in tub provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. You can bathe with confidence and worry less about dangerous slips and falls, which are so common in the bathroom.

Maintain your independence and the ability to stay in the home you love.

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