As a company we believe in building projects right the first time and ensuring that they will last. This comes down to quality control and what we believe to be our greatest strength. Because remodeling involves humans, mistakes can be made. Preventing mistakes or correcting them quickly are paramount to having a successful remodel. To do this we have the following process:


    – This is a vital step. Not all projects are the same, different clients have different needs and desired outcomes. In the design consultation we offer our clients a free consultation with our professional designers that have decades of experience. This step requires single or multiple meetings where we guide & pick out every detail of the project so that when we can offer a proposal that is within the budget with minimal surprises and contingencies. This will make the rest of the project less stressful for the homeowner as all the decisions were made on the front end.


    – This is the second step of every project. During this step one of our production managers will come to the project site, review the scope of work and most importantly remeasure everything. This goes back to measure twice cut once, but applied for ordering materials correctly. This way when all the products arrive there is a very low chance anything will be incorrect making sure your project goes smoothly.


    – Once we have every piece of material available for your project, we will schedule a start date. This is flexible and we work with you. The important part is that everything is available so that when your home is demoed out it will be rebuilt as quickly as possible.


    – The key to quality construction lies in skilled personal & communication with customers. Our production manager becomes the key source of customer contact for any questions or concerns. Upon construction we only use skilled tradespeople. This means our tilers only tile, our carpenters only do woodwork, master plumbers for plumbing, our floor installers only do floors etc. This ensures that we provide high quality construction especially when compared to our competitors who use general labor. The average contractor picks up a handful of day laborers from Home Depot, brings them to your house and tells them what to do. Although this keeps labor costs down it comes at the expense of the quality of work done because their labor isn’t specialized. Even with specialized high-quality labor the most important part of the construction is the management. Our production managers will frequent your project to ensure that every step of the construction was done correctly, and if it wasn’t it gets rebuilt immediately. Because of the quality control this allows us to stand behind our work.


    – Because we build excellent projects, we can warranty our work. All of our work has a 1-year craftsmanship warranty that starts on the day the project was signed complete and paid in full for. This allows our customers to have a piece of mind that in case anything requires attention, it will be taken care of. We do this because we take pride in our work and want to make sure you are satisfied with our quality of craftsmanship that we promised.


Keep in mind that remodeling like construction has lots of variables that can affect the timing & complexity. We never know what problems lies behind the walls till we start the demo process. A good quality control plan minimizes the down time in the event of new challenges.